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How to Take Christmas Photos of your Baby & Kids

How to Take Christmas Photos of your Baby & Kids


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Seriously, how cute is this Christmasy decor photo from Michele Kelly, @micheletravkelly on IG?! Can you spot the Rustic Walnut growth chart next to the tree? Make sure to always take pictures of your holiday decor... you'll want to look back on that later, too!

Taking Your Own Family Photos this Christmas Might Be Easier Than You Think!

Holiday photo shoots can be time-consuming, expensive, and stressful. That's not to say you'll regret it if you spring for one: there's really nothing as special as capturing these moments as they pass, especially if you do it consistently at the same time of year. 

But if this is not your year for professional photos, or you missed your favorite photographer's deadline and are now stuck shooting them yourself, fear not. You don't actually need a super fancy camera and a ton of experience to DIY your family photos this Christmas. 

Here are top tips from some of our favorite bloggers, tastemakers, and family photographers to nail your at-home holiday photo shoots with babies, toddlers, and big kids this season.

How to Take Your Baby's Holiday Pics at Home
Family + lifestyle blogger + influencer Jenny Gerson of Our Life in Rose Gold weighs in on making Baby shine without expensive props or lighting setups.


Photo: Instagram/Our Life in Rose Gold

  • I prefer to shoot small babies indoors this time of year because in most climates it's just too cold to do otherwise. Mornings are best!
  • Lay Baby on a bed or other secure surface (the floor works great!) adjacent a window with natural light flooding it.
  • Accessorize by creating a background out of a faux fur or white silk blanket.
  • Add Christmas tree ornaments or Hanukkah accessories for fun!

Nail Your DIY Christmas Photo Shoot with Toddlers
Blogger and mom-tog Holly Edge of Our Beautiful Mundane knows a thing or two about perfecting Christmas pics of littles. With a four- and one-year-old on her hands, she can wrangle toddlers + turn out top pics with these easy tactics:


Photo: Instagram/OurBeautifulMundane

  • Anticipate that your toddler is not going to sit still + cooperate! Movement + fun are key with this age group
  • Go somewhere that's going to give a “Christmassy” vibe, even if your child is running + twirling throughout the shoot. Ex: Christmas tree farm, or outdoor Christmas tree section at Home Depot/Lowe’s
  • Kids love to talk Santa, so he's your best bet if you want seated pics! 
  • Ask questions! Thinking makes them pause a minute, so be sure to ask if your toddler knows where Santa lives, or ask them to name his reindeer so you can get a few quick snaps in while they sit still.
  • Kids love to lay under the tree + look up at the lights. That’s almost always a sweet, easy capture, because they’re distracted with such a cool view. 

sisters under christmas tree easy diy photo shoot ideas from white loft home blog

Get Big Kids to Get Along for the Perfect Family Photos
Mom-fluencer and small shop owner Ashlynne Dezelske of Trendy Twins Company is a mom of twins (@madison.mackenzie.twins) plus their older sister, so she has the kids photo shoot thing down pat. Here's how she makes it work:


  • Go for matching tees, fun accessories, and bright colors. Give them a few choices in what to wear so they're likelier to feel involved and have fun!
  • Bigger kids can follow commands easier than little ones; you just have to make sure it's something they actually want to do! I will often ask my girls to play ring-around-the-rosy or tickle each other. This creates really fun pictures that don't feel stiff like if they were just posing.
  • Treats are a big incentive! At this age, I don't feel guilty giving them a piece of candy or other small treat after taking pictures -- if they know it's coming, they're likelier to participate and help me get the shot quick.
  • Get in on the fun. I will often set up my camera's self-timer and join in. The kids tend to love taking pictures with me in them, so these shoots are easy to master because their smiles are genuine.

Have more tips for making the most of your DIY holiday photo shoot? Tell us in the comments!


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