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Essential Parenting Tips for Raising Kids at All Ages

Essential Parenting Tips for Raising Kids at All Ages

Guest post by Sarah Velasquez from Our Perfect Abode

Parenting means facing uncertainty - but by educating yourself on the realities of raising a child, you can approach big decisions with more confidence. Here are a few resources with helpful suggestions for parents with children of all ages, from babies to school-age!

Resources for Infants and Babies

Having a baby can be joyful, yet overwhelming. These resources will make your first few months with your baby a bit easier!

  • Although your days will always be somewhat unpredictable, you can create a sense of stability by establishing family routines.
  • Keep track of when your baby reaches key development milestones.
  • Finally, don’t forget to pamper yourself sometimes, too! This resource is packed with self-care tips for parents.

Caring for Toddlers

Being the parent of a toddler brings lots of challenges, but you can make the most of these years by following the suggestions in these resources.

  • Find the right childcare center for your child by searching through a reputable association.
  • Your toddler is learning how to socialize outside of their own family, so give them plenty of support as they start making friends!
  • Encouraging your child to share can take time - it’s important to be patient as they learn this skill.
  • Start tracking your child’s growth with one-of-a-kind wooden growth charts from White Loft!

Supporting School-Age Children

Your child is in elementary school, and they want more independence and room to explore. Here’s how to support them during this exciting time. 

  • You can give your child some pointers on their homework without doing the assignments for them.
  • Your child is developing passions of their own. This guide will show you how to guide them as they pursue their own interests.
  • Consider how you can become a role model for your child by committing to self-improvement practices, like earning another degree online.
  • Ensure that your child is healthy and active by making plenty of time for exercise!

As your children grow up, your parenting style will change to suit their needs. But no matter how old they are, they will always need you for guidance! By planning for the future, you can be prepared to meet your children’s changing needs.


Photo via Pexels


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